lundi 6 septembre 2010


Here is my graduation short film, realised with Lucrece Andreae, Ornelie Prioul, Tracy Nowocien, Remy Shaepman and Florian Parrot.

lundi 28 juin 2010

Graduation short film: Trois petits points

Concepts for a Short in Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)

essais anim after
envoyé par aleeababoua. - Films courts et animations.

Animations tests with after effect

FX exercice

Realised with Lucrece ANDREAE, Ornelie PRIOUL an Julien CHHENG

Opening for the Annecy festival

Realised with Aymeric KEVIN, Oussama BOUACHERIA, Ulysse MALASSAGNE and Nuno ALVES RODRIGUES

envoyé par aymrc. - Regardez plus de courts métrages.

Opening for the festival ANIWOW in Beijing

envoyé par mamzellelucrece. - Films courts et animations.

Realized with Lucrece ANDREAE, Tracy NOWOXIEN, Michael CROUZAT et Benoit GUILLAUMOT

Designs for a project of video game

personnal works

Backgrounds in flash for the serie Wakfu (Ankama studio)